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Actuarial Development Institute

Defining the Predicted Future.


Foundations of Purpose: 

The Actuarial Development Institute observed three main problems in the field that we address:

  1. Networking for Actuaries before FSA/FCAS is almost nonexistent.

  2. Actuaries require diverse skill sets and understandings that aren't always formally developed.

  3. Almost all Actuarial Science career fairs are in traditional roles (Insurance, Consulting, Ect.)

Guiding Mission: ADI works to build out connected systems, hire and promote internships for Actuaries, and help companies build better internships for Actuaries.

Charles Johnson is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst, Member of the Academy of Actuaries, and former Life Actuary at Pacific Life Insurance, State Farm and Northwestern Mutual.  He was President of the Actuarial Science Major at Illinois State as a student and has 10 years of corporate actuarial recruitment experience.

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