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Actuarial Students are the future of the actuarial profession and the core of the Actuarial Development Institute's mission.


Career Fairs

The Actuarial Development Institute has been designing and running actuarial career fairs for years.  We help colleges close in location work together.  We also serve as a liaison to local companies that attend.  This approach has created massive growth in the job opportunities presented to students at all partner schools.


Resource Identification

Students across the United States are confined to a google search, asking a student or professor about resources available.  The Actuarial Development Institute strives to identify the best and most comprehensive training and resources for students with diverse needs and connect them with products and support best suited for them.

Book Club

Club and Leadership Development

The club and leadership development program is the founding product for the Actuarial Development Institute.  It has helped Actuarial Student Leaders get into dozens of companies and created a system where future generations of Actuarial Students are provided support and opportunities.

Owen Podziemski, MSOE, Northwestern Mutual

“Charlie is amazing and he has helped me gain ample opportunities while also expanding what I thought was possible of the actuarial profession"

 Club and Leadership   Development Program

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