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Actuarial Development Institute's mission is to support the actuarial pipeline.

The college systems are integral to developing and supporting candidates.

Coffee and Book

Resource Education

The amount of resources available to students is diverse and overwhelming.  The many exam support companies, the number of actuarial organizations, the scholarships available to students are all hard to find and navigate.  Actuarial Development Institute provides educational presentations to students to help inform them of resources and how to navigate them to best support their success.

Job Interview

Regional and National Job Fairs

There are many inefficiencies in the entry level actuarial job market.  Companies tend to recruit the same few candidates from the same few universities.  The Actuarial Development Institute creates regional career fairs that help college students find local companies and local companies find local students.  Additionally, traditional actuarial recruitment is condensed to just a month or two a year, the Actuarial Development Institute runs offseason national recruitment fairs for unrecognized talent.

Public Speaker

Program Development

For collegiate programs, the actuarial club is an important part of educating students, developing leadership skills and connecting students to companies and alumni.  The Actuarial Development Institute runs free club and leadership development programs for students and clubs to help build out connected systems and better prepare future generations of students.

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