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Our Mission

At the Actuarial Development Institute, our mission is to promote, support, and elevate the pursuit of the actuarial profession. With a focus on building connected systems, we strive to connect future actuaries and organizations within the industry. We are dedicated to helping aspiring actuaries thrive by providing resources, networking opportunities, and support to empower individuals to become successful actuaries. We are committed to driving the development and growth of the actuarial community.

The Actuarial Development Institute

The Actuarial Development Institute (ADI) is a dedicated organization focused on empowering the future generation of actuaries. Our mission is centered around three core pillars: Leadership and Communication, Actuarial Education, and Industry Connectivity.

At ADI, we understand the importance of strong leadership and effective communication in the actuarial profession. We provide comprehensive leadership development training for student leaders, equipping them with the skills to effectively convey their actuarial opinions, describe risks, and advocate for the profession. Additionally, our presentation workshops and competitions help hone their communication abilities.

We recognize the profound depth and breadth of mathematics in the actuarial field. Through our programs and resources, we guide aspiring actuaries in understanding where and how to apply their mathematical skills. Our engaging in-person and virtual presentations cover modern and relevant topics, helping broaden their horizons and make immediate impacts in their prospective careers. We also offer virtual tutoring services and collaborate with industry-leading education companies to provide top-notch actuarial education.

At ADI, we believe in fostering strong connections between future actuaries and employers. By facilitating networking opportunities and hosting recruitment fairs, we bridge the gap and enhance collaboration between aspiring actuaries and companies. This not only benefits the actuarial community by increasing job satisfaction and retention but also provides employers with a wider pool of qualified candidates.

Our core mission is to improve the actuarial community, along with the credentialing process. With our “boots on the ground” expertise and industry insights, ADI serves as a reliable resource and partner for the future generation of actuaries. Join us today and embark on a journey of growth, learning, and professional development with ADI, where we are committed to shaping a brighter future for the actuarial field.

Networking and Affected Fields

At the Actuarial Development Institute, we recognize that actuaries often lack networking opportunities prior to achieving their fellowship status. Our vision is to create a world where students can establish a national network even before embarking on their full-time actuarial careers. We also understand that diverse skill sets and knowledge is required in the actuarial field. We believe that students and entry-level actuaries should gain hands-on experience across various business domains such as investments, data science, sales, and more. By bridging these gaps, we aspire to empower the next generation of actuaries by equipping them with the skills and experiences needed to be successful and well-rounded actuaries. Join ADI in building a future where actuarial professionals thrive in a dynamic and interconnected world.

Our Team
Actuarial Development Institute Brand

Our Team

Charles Johnson CEO and Founder of Actuarial Development Institute

Charles Johnson
Founder & CEO

Laynee Fry Director of Human Resources of Actuarial Development Institute

Laynee Fry
Director of Human Resources

Alexa Thayer Website Manager  of Actuarial Development Institute

Alexa Thayer 
Website Manager

Charles Johnson is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst, Member of the Academy of Actuaries, and former Life Actuary at Pacific Life Insurance, State Farm and Northwestern Mutual.  He was President of the Actuarial Science Major at Illinois State as a student and has 10 years of corporate actuarial recruitment experience.

Madeline Champeny Vice President of Operations  of Actuarial Development Institute

Madeline Champeny
Vice President of Operations

Anna Staples Marketing and Social Media Manager  of Actuarial Development Institute

Anna Staples
Social Media Manager

Owen Podziemski Chief of Staff  of Actuarial Development Institute

Owen Podziemski
Chief Of Staff

Mai Nguyen Director of Data Analytics  of Actuarial Development Institute

Mai Nguyen
Director of Data Analytics

Jonathan Wallentine Co-Founder  of Actuarial Development Institute

Jonathan Wallentine

Jonathan Wallentine is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst, Member of the Academy of Actuaries, for well over a decade.

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