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Actuarial Leadership
& Club Development Program

Actuarial Leadership Development Program

What is the ALCDP?

The Actuarial Leadership and Club Development Program (ALCDP) is the founding product of the Actuarial Development Institute. This program focuses on growing students' skills in emotional intelligence, project management, and club leadership. ADI, helps student leaders nationwide build better actuarial clubs and foster student success. 

Semester Overview

The ALCDP starts with a kick-off event in January followed by biweekly sprints throughout the rest of the semester. These sprints include summaries of the student's current initiatives and their progress toward their goals. Students will gain the opportunity to connect with company sponsors and participate in one-on-one mentorship from ADI CEO, Charles Johnson. At the end of the semester, all participating groups will create a final presentation that showcases all the work they did during the semester.  

Dave Kester Guest Speaker at the ALCDP
Students at the Actuarial Leadership Development Ceremony

Actuarial Leadership Development Ceremony

At the end of the program, there is an in-person ceremony to celebrate all the participants and allow them to meet the other students involved in the program. The ALDC will consist of the top school's final presentations, a guest speaker, and many opportunities to network with other student leaders.

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